You may be impressed with how your Naperville chiropractor can quickly and accurately diagnose your condition, treat it with confidence, and inspire you along the way. Have you ever wondered what is required for someone to become a doctor of chiropractic?

To quickly and accurately diagnose your condition, your chiropractor needs to study a lot of graduate level science courses. These courses are detailed to the point where there may be 300 pages of notes from lectures for just one course!

The art of diagnosis depends on a knowledge of anatomy and how a fetus develops (embryology) in the womb. There are hundreds of cases where something could go wrong in development and a chiropractor needs to be aware of every one of them.

Diagnosis also depends on a strong chemistry and biochemistry background, since the body’s metabolic and biochemical pathways are based on these topics. It depends on knowledge of hundreds of microbiological disorders, and how to differentiate them from each other. The whole field of diagnosis has its own principles of how to determine what is happening in the body based on lab tests; another course, along with pathology.

In these days and times, doctors would be back in the Stone Ages without imaging studies such as CT scans, x-rays, and MRI studies. Your chiropractor has taken multiple courses in how to read these imaging studies. Then, for neuromuscular disorders, there are additional courses taken on orthopedics and neurology.

Curious about how the chiropractor’s curriculum differs from the medical curriculum? Here’s a breakdown in the hours below, based on a review of the courses taken at 18 different chiropractic schools along with 22 medical schools. It’s really an eye-opener:


Course                     Hours-Chiropractor       Hours-Medical Doctor


Anatomy/embryology             456                  215

Physiology                              243                  143

Chemistry/Biochemistry         161                  100

Microbiology                           146                  146

Diagnosis                                408                  113

Pathology                                298                  507

Neurology                               149                  171

X-ray                                       271                  13

Orthopedics                            168                  2


Interestingly, some chiropractors such as Dr. Bendiks have such a love of learning that they go on for even more postgraduate training in different areas of chiropractic. Dr. Bendiks has reached the highest levels of education attainable by a chiropractor in becoming a chiropractic orthopedist. In addition to knowing all about chiropractic care, Dr. Bendiks has mastered the non-surgical brand of orthopedics. Visiting Dr. Bendiks is like seeing any qualified orthopedist — only he won't tell you to use surgery or drugs. Instead he'll use advanced chiropractic methods to resolve the problem naturally.

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