The orthopedics exam is the highest level of specialization available to chiropractic physicians. It is a PhD level course requiring four years of post-doctoral course work, followed by a single examination. This year, on September 28th, six candidates from around the world sat for the examination. There were 14 doctors administering the written and oral parts of the exam. One of them was Dr. Bendiks. Good news! Dr. Bendiks has just been informed that he passed the exam "with distinction". Now, he joins the ranks of a fairly elite group of chiropractic physicians board certified in clinical orthopedics. There are approximately 80, 000 chiropractic physicians in the world. There are about 900 chiropractic orthopedists in the world comprising less than 1% of all chiropractors in the world. Dr. Bendiks is now part of this elite group.
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